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Ads, Spams, Popups, Tracking, Feature creep, Data sold, Popularity contests, Nonsense!

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But, I’ve collected everything on Pinterest.

You can import your boards and pins with 1 click using our Import tool. It will structure them as you have on Pinterest.

What if you sell out or shut down tomorrow?

This is a passion project for us, no salaries or high bills to pay. At the moment this is a free product. We do not want to place ads around the app, so in future we may ask for a minimal $ for a premium account to pay the server costs.

I bet you are selling my data!

No! We don’t even use it to track your behaviour in since there are so suggestions here. It is purely you and what inspires you.

If you have any questions at all, you can ask us via Twitter

Sounds too good?

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