What is kutu.it?

Kutu.it is a simple online tool to create/collect any type of content, organise and collaborate with others.

You can create public or private collections and pour your ideas into as image, text, link.

Even though it can be used for any purpose, I primarily focus on creatives from designers to writers, developers, artists and so on...

Why does it exist?

I've been using multiple tools to collect, organize, collaborate on my ideas and projects like

  • Pinterest (exploration, grid view, boards)
  • Tumblr (different post types)
  • Dropbox folders (grouping, sharing privately)
  • Notes app (simple notes)
  • VSCO (inspiration with its overall simplistic approach)

They all came with lots of disadvantages either about privacy concerns or usability difficulties... Plus managing multiple apps at a time.

So, I wanted to build an online tool in the simplest form where I'd have all these qualities in one place without any distractions or privacy concerns.

How much does it cost?

Currently, during the beta, it is free.